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During your comprehensive dental examination at Smile & Company, LLC, your oral health is our priority. We are dedicated to detecting signs of oral cancer early, as we understand the importance of timely intervention in treating this condition. Our experienced team is trained to identify potential indicators of oral cancer, ensuring you receive the necessary care and support.

While oral cancer can affect anyone, certain factors may increase your risk. Here are seven key risk factors to consider:

  1. Age:
    Individuals in their mid-40s and older are at a higher risk of developing oral cancer. Regular screenings are essential, especially as the average age for diagnosis is declining.
  2. Gender:
    Men are twice as likely as women to develop oral cancer, often due to factors such as alcohol and tobacco consumption. However, the gender gap is decreasing, emphasizing the importance of regular oral health check-ups for all.
  3. Tobacco:
    Smoking or chewing tobacco significantly increases the risk of oral cancer, affecting various areas of the mouth and throat. Even non-smokers should undergo oral cancer examinations to ensure early detection.
  4. Alcohol:
    Heavy alcohol consumption is associated with a higher risk of oral cancer. Individuals who drink heavily are more susceptible, highlighting the importance of moderation and regular dental assessments.
  5. Human Papillomavirus (HPV):
    HPV-related oral cancers, particularly prevalent among younger individuals, emphasize the need for proactive dental care and regular screenings.
  6. Sunlight:
    Prolonged exposure to sunlight can increase the risk of lip cancer. Utilizing UV protection and scheduling regular dental examinations are crucial preventive measures, especially for individuals with outdoor occupations.
  7. Diet:
    Poor nutrition, including diets low in fruits and vegetables, may elevate the risk of oral cancer. Regardless of dietary habits, routine oral examinations are essential for early detection and intervention.

At Smile & Company, LLC, we believe that oral cancer screenings are essential for everyone, regardless of age, gender, or lifestyle. Our commitment to providing comprehensive oral care enables us to detect oral cancer early and offer timely treatment options.

Don’t wait until symptoms arise—schedule a comprehensive oral examination with our Dentist in Bethesda MD today. Your oral health is our priority, and we’re here to support you every step of the way.

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