Todd M.

“My sleep apnea was effecting my life dramatically, and I didn’t even realize it until my treatment at Smile & Company. Thank you so much to Dr. Singh, without you, I wouldn’t have ever known that I had sleep apnea that had to be treated. I am now full of energy everyday, and my wife doesn’t resent me for snoring!”

Suzanne K.

“Dr. Singh and Dr. Ismayil were wonderful to me during my visit. Very homey in the office. The staff is welcoming and helpful. Thank you all for the great experience!”

Riley P.

“Very great first time experience at Smile & Co. Dr. Singh was able to walk me through my root canal, easing any worries that I had. I appreciate everyone involved in my treatment, I feel much better now, and I know without this team, this would have been a much more difficult experience. Thank you!”

Smile & Co.